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Does your behavior get you what you want?

     Training supplements the organization development work of Parham Enterprises. It focuses on developing skills to improve the capabilities of the workforce involved in transformative projects. Feedback and follow up strengthen the appropriate use of skills until proficiency is gained.

Our approach is to learn by doing

     Experiential learning begins with an activity, followed by a short didactic presentation. The learner integrates information, while assessing his own behavior, and then tries new behaviors, with feedback. Learning by doing, complemented with data and theories, helps people understand why some behaviors are more effective than others and how to incorporate new behaviors into their repertoires. And, all training is tailored to the needs of the client organization.

Training provides a foundation of skills on which to develop organizations

     Parham Enterprises incorporates skill development into regularly scheduled meetings and work sessions. After granting permission, clients receive feedback in the "teachable moment", as well as in one-on-one coaching sessions preceding and following the skill application. Skill development or training is built into off-site workshops, as well, where simulations may be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of learned behaviors. The potential value of new skills motivates people to try new behaviors. These opportunities to learn and practice in safe environments reinforce the appropriate application of new skills.

Parham Enterprises provides support to develop new, effective habits

     Observation, follow up and feedback support continuous improvement of new behaviors. These help individuals achieve specific organizational objectives, as demonstrated in measurable outcomes, both qualitative and quantitative.


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