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Capture the Good Will of the Human Spirit

  • Hold employees in high esteem
  • Explicitly define the "sacredness" of your work
  • Align personal and professional goals.
    People who don't agree with corporate goals and values will opt out, either overtly or covertly.

Ensure Outstanding Productivity through a Spirit of Cooperation

  1. Expect everyone to give 100%, model it, and trust everyone to do just that!
  2. Delegate the authority and responsibility and allow employees to assume accountability for completion of work processes and products.
  3. Reward service to others -- helpfulness and collaboration to clients and colleagues, not personal confrontation and competition.

Employees who are immature or unskilled will become apparent and management is then responsible for "care-fully" developing or re-deploying them.

Unleash the Creative Spirit!

  • Set stretch boundaries and use continuous learning and development to support improvements."
  • Define acceptable risks and expect some errors which will not become mistakes because you will discover new ideas and correct them.
  • Set an occasional outrageous goal and see what happens.

When an appropriate, safe place is defined, experimenting abounds and ingenuity emerges.

Recognize Spirit in the Workplace
You have created a spirit-filled workplace when your absenteeism and turnover approach single digits, safety is at an all-time high, your profits are growing and you are constantly challenged to choose from numerous ideas which will most enhance your business.



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