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  • Diversity concerns itself with differences
  • Differences are not better, nor worse; they're just different.
  • Walk in another's shoes to change perceptions.
  • The point is fair and equitable treatment for all employees.
  • Get beyond idiosyncratic behaviors and poor management and look at group level differences.
  • Inequitable application of policies, procedures and practices leads to disparate opportunities, type casting and glass ceilings for certain employees.


  1. Exposing bias, based on group level differences, that are reflected in polices, procedures and/or practices that adversely affect employee productivity.
  2. Modifying dysfunctional patterns to raise expectations of and opportunities and support for all groups.
  3. Attaining workforce parity with the community.
  4. Eliciting greater contributions from all employees.
  5. Broadening the customer base for increased profit.
  6. Improving corporate image and customer loyalty.


Diversity enhances the work place for each and every employee and products for every consumer group. No individual or group is sacrificed for the benefit of another. Fair policies, procedures and practices, coupled with good management, benefit each individual and the corporation as a whole. Focus on what you want to create with diversity and inclusion. Ultimately, no one loses and everyone gains.


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